The Basic Legal Steps in a Property Sale

Property Solicitors Dalkey
  • The solicitor must carry out any required pre-contract enquiries, e.g. planning, user, finance, identity and advise client in writing to carry out an independent survey.
  • Once received from the vendors solicitor, we will check the terms of the contract and peruse the title documents.
  • If amendments are required the vendor’s solicitor must approve these.
  • Once terms of the contract are agreed we will explain them to the purchaser along with any matters arising in relation to the title. We will ensure the purchaser has loan approval and furnish an undertaking to the lending institution and agree any qualifications on title in writing. If the purchaser is happy to proceed we will have the contract executed in duplicate by the purchaser and obtain a cheque for deposit (less booking deposit).
  • We will then send the executed contract in duplicate and deposit cheque to the vendor’s solicitor to be held as stakeholder pending completion.
  • A binding contract now exists. At this stage the purchaser should have insurance cover on the property.
  • We will peruse full title and raise objections (if any) and requisitions on title.
  • We will send objections (if any) and requisitions on title to the vendor’s solicitor.
  • We will peruse vendors replies.
  • Once satisfactory replies are received we will draft the purchase deed and send the draft deed to vendor’s solicitor for approval not less than 7 working days before the closing date.
  • Once approved we will engross the deed and return the engrossed deed, draft deed for comparison to vendor’s solicitor not less than 4 working days before the closing date.
  • We will advise the purchaser of imminent closing. Ensure property is fully insured and that client has complied with all conditions in the loan approval.
  • We will obtain loan cheque and requisition searches.
  • We will attend closing at office of vendor’s solicitor. The client must furnish us with the balance of purchase monies and all outgoings prior to closing.
  • The purchaser must execute the deed and mortgage documentation. We will Stamp and register same. We will comply with undertakings and furnish bill if not already done.
  • We will then release the documents to client or retain for safe keeping if required to do so. Alternatively we will lodge them with the lending institution (if undertaking to do so) with certificate of title.
  • We will obtain release of all our undertakings and close the file.