The First Consultation

Family law solicitors dalkey

The first consultation is very important. During the first consultation, our goal is to identify the facts in a sensitive manner. We will communicate easily with you in order to obtain the relevant information. We will then identify the legal issues involved in a professional but client centred approach. We will discuss the available legal or non-legal avenues (such as collaborative law or a negotiated settlement), evaluate same and advise the client of the most appropriate solution for them.

Affidavit of Means

As part of a legal solution or a negotiated settlement both parties must file an affidavit of means especially where financial relief is being claimed.

Affidavit of Welfare

Where there are dependent children an affidavit of welfare must be sworn and filed. The affidavit of welfare must contain details of the dependent children such as the address the children reside and the educational arrangements for the children.