Co-habitation Agreements

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Co-Habitation Agreements allows couples who intend to live together or who are living together to enter into a legally binding Agreement to regularise their financial position during their relationship and provides for the division of assets and other financial matters if the relationship breaks down or either party dies. However the Civil Partnership Act 2010 provides that the Court may vary or set aside a Co-Habitation Agreement in exceptional circumstances where enforceability would cause serious injustice. The Civil Partnership and Co-Habitation Act give legal recognition for same sex couples in Ireland and co-habitating couples enabling them to apply to Court to seek financial relief from a partner after the breakdown of a relationship or the death of a partner. The Court can make Orders in respect of an application by a co-habitant for Property Adjustment Orders, Maintenance Orders, Pension Adjustment Orders and Order for the provision of the Estate of a deceased co-habitee.